Day 31 – Last day of the month!

It is the last day of the month! 31 good things for 31 days ūüôā

  1. The I Quit Sugar dinner for tonight was great! Coconut cream and Tumeric chicken, Kale and Coriander Quinoa – YUM and the kids ate it!
  2. Bootcamp in the rain today – new location so we were nice and dry – fun times!
  3. More quality time with my Grandies. Nana has been moved to a Nursing home and although she isn’t happy it means she is in the same town as me so I can take her bacon sandwiches and visit Grandad next door in his place.
  4. The sun is rising later – I like to start the day in the dark – it’s nice to watch it rise, sets me up for the day.
  5. School is getting started – looking forward to seeing the girls in my cohort.
  6. Summer fruit.
  7. Hot days.
  8. Summer rain – cools the night down just perfectly.
  9. I know I complain – but school holiday hangs with the lads have been lovely.
  10. A new Niece! I might get to cuddle her soon.
  11. A new dress.
  12. And some new jewellery….
  13. A week in Christchurch without the family to just read books and hang out with my sister – bliss – I could have stayed longer!
  14. Getting my car fixed so it didn’t look quite so derelict.
  15. Alcohol free = clear head in the mornings.
  16. Swollen and sore tummy SO rare that I actually notice it as unusual.
  17. Waiheke Headlands Sculpture trail – Heat, Walking AND Art.
  18. Laneways 2015. People watching heaven.
  19. A friend’s wedding to look forward to ‚̧
  20. Molly in the bed purring in my side.
  21. Master 7 going to work with the Grumpy Dutchman and earning his keep painting with his dad and Opa, so proud of himself.
  22. First swim of the season.
  23. Friends being so supportive and accommodating of all of my ‘special needs’. I seriously and genuinely appreciate the lengths people have gone to.
  24. The acquisition of a new sculpture from an artist friend.
  25. New shoes. Shoes in general.
  26. Small boy cuddles.
  27. Small boy kisses.
  28. Quality time with my sexy man.
  29. Yoga 3 times a week. I’m getting there slowly…
  30. Breakfast dates with my grrls.
  31. My wonderful friends and family.

Phew! got a little hard in the middle there ūüôā 31 turns out to be a lot.

Bring it on February!

Day 30 – Hangry mamabear

Working again is threatening to fuck with my Zen. I am not at home in the afternoon/early evening when I get hungry and then of course because I’m starving I lose all motivation to cook a meal – I just want to eat.

Case in point; Finished work today a little before five. Rushed to collect smallest child because we needed to go and get Arty (our dog) from the vet. Got home to collect the other two lads and of course the GD was playing drums and not ready to go so I was mad. Hangry mad. Honk Honk shouty shout.

I had dinner planned, and the chicken defrosted but was so over the though of cooking and by that stage my stomach was threatening to crawl out of my throat to go foraging on its own. We couldn’t get a park at the mexican, all other takeaways were out because of my dietary restrictions so we ended up with McDonalds for the lads and I had a smoothie when we got home.

Dinner fail.

Chicken for dinner tomorrow night! Must make more of an effort to plan ahead now that I’m back to fulltime hours after the hols…

In other news – I’ve nearly made it a whole month with all my restrictions and I already feel better! Although Hayley may take some time to come to terms with the fact that I won’t be having a glass of wine with her this year – you should have seen her¬†face when I told her at breakfast today – but we can just keep meeting for yummy breakfasts instead ha ha

Day 29 – Yin

photo (22)

Today I realised that I must be PMSing because when I got home I ate everything. I walked around eating as I did chores; I cooked dinner and ate peanut butter on carrots as I chopped veges and marinated the lamb. It seemed to hit me all of a sudden; I wasn’t so hungry at work but I don’t know whether to blame my swollen and achey belly on the salad I had for lunch (Raw = bad) or the fact that I’m to be reminded of all the glories of womanhood any day now. I also have the skin of a hormonal teenager. Again. oh the joys.

The iQS program is going well so far, not so much that I don’t know, but the change in meals is nice and I like not having to think! Tonight I made Mediterranean Lamb – and it was so Yum. We had to have it Dairy free of course – and the lack of feta really took the greek out – but it was still a win! (The boys didn’t eat the rocket but they ate everything else – still not convinced with ‘leaves’).

     photo 1 (15)  photo 2 (15)

And the really nice thing was that because it wasn’t a full day at work I got home a little after four and we were having dinner by 5:30.

I tried ‘Yin’ yoga tonight. A 7:30 class which went for an hour, and it went a little over so I was driving home in the dusk which was very peaceful. Have your tried Yin? It is intense. It’s not a warm room – in fact she had to have the aircon on to get rid of the heat from the previous Bikram class – but I was sweating.

Basically you get yourself into ‘stretching’ type positions and then you sit there. And sit, and sink into it and just hang out. And she plays restful music. And encourages you to find a comfortable place for you and to make your own adjustments and all of that. And meanwhile, inside your head, you are screaming. Because OH MY GOD. The first few were okay – I mean everyone else had their heads touching the floor and I could barely get my chin on my chest but, you know, I was ‘finding a comfortable place for me’. ¬†And then we did stuff¬†to ‘open our hips’ and oh boy. Each stretch was held for about 5 mins. Try doing anything even a teeny tiny bit uncomfortable for five minutes. I thought I was going to have to get her to untangle me because I was so stiff. At one point I was a wee bit distracted because I could hear my phone, through the door to the studio and down the hall, going off for my eight o’clock alarm. I may have fucked with a few people’s bliss.

Mmmmm Lamb for lunch tomorrow.

Day 28 – Second proper day of work and the sugar cravings are back

I am tired man. Two full days of work and I’m shattered. I got home and immediately wanted to pick at sugary snacks. I had some Kombucha tea left in the fridge – but I have fallen in to the trap of thinking that because it’s the latest ‘health fix-all’ that it will be good for me – nope. 10mg of sugar. That’s heaps! So that’s out. Luckily – and I say this sincerely – there was nothing in the house that could break my resolve. I did eye the Nutella up. I spent many a good night with a jar of Nutella and a spoon believe me! But it is not Gf so it’s out and to be honest it wasn’t that tempting.

So the plan is to focus on the good things that happened today, feel tired, and go to bed early. Lot’s of good things happened in the last two days;

  • I finally figured out how to add another page to my blog. (Actually Kylee showed me – she’s way more bloggy than me – thanks Kylee!)
  • I have seen a big bunch of my girls today; feeling positive and looking forward to starting the year.
  • I got to cuddle a beautiful two week old baby boy. Nawwww baby snuggles.
  • It is nice to see all of my work colleagues looking so refreshed and relaxed as we start the year. All summer¬†tans and smiles.
  • Boot camp was good this morning – and it was great to watch the sun rise.
  • I got a parcel in the mail. Yay for shoes arriving via post!
  • I finally have a right hand side indicator on my car.
  • The GD suggested watching 22 Jump st again tonight. Oh Channing.

And on that note – I am signing off!

photo (21)

Day 25 and 26 – The golden days of summer

I have had a wonderful couple of days, the last few days of freedom before school kicks in and I hit the ground running – so expect my posts to slow down too after this…

Is there anything better than catching up with friends in the sun having a BBQ? I think not. In the ’round’ of BBQ’s that we are doing with our friends, it was our turn yesterday. It was so nice to fill our back courtyard up with folks and just hang out and laugh and chat. And because we are grownups now our BBQ’s don’t just consist of DRINKING with some burned sausages as an afterthought. And remember how awkward and non-drinking I felt at the last one? None of that this time – it has been enough time now that I didn’t feel like I was missing out. And I went to the fancy health shop in the morning and threw some ‘Kombucha’ in the trolley on my travels – to try it out – I don’t know if it breaks the no sugar rule – I couldn’t see sugar in the ingredients and I know it’s meant to be good for the gut, so I had that in a wine glass with ice – YUM.

We made our usuals, but the highlight for me was dessert! I made rainbow fruit skewers with raspberries for everyone else and Melissa made delicious, Gf, Df AND sugar free cheesecakes! YUM. especially for my special needs, and she messaged and checked ingredients and tried really hard to get coeliac safe nuts and everything. I was really touched, so thoughtful, and the best part was that they were DELICIOUS.

photo 2 (14)    photo 1 (13)

I officially started the iQS today. I did the food shop saturday, combined with our normal hopping and it was wee bit more than usual, but it that was because there were a few things for baking etc to last me the eight weeks. So next time should be cheaper! The way it works is that you get the shopping list and recipes on the thursday, and you do a bake and prep for the week on the sunday, and then follow the recipe plan for the week! Easy peasy. And in typical me style I got it all sorted, did the baking and make the chia pudding and cooked the quinoa etc Only to discover this morning that I don’t like the chia pudding (although that may be a lack of yoghurt more than anything so I’m going to get coconut yoghurt – Sf and DF – to see if that helps). And I thought I would try to be positive, so I tried the Buckwheat loaf – and that was gross too. Sad face. The plan is to message the iQS folks tomorrow to ask if there is any GF bread on the market that has the required lack of sugar….

My Chia puddig in the nifty travel pot I bought yesterday - that the grumy Dutchman broke doing the dishes this morning - figures!
My Chia puddig in the nifty travel pot I bought yesterday – that the grumy Dutchman broke doing the dishes this morning – figures!

The rest of the recipes look really good though – I am optimistic – and most of them look like meals the rest of the family will like too. I do like that the thought has been taken out for me, nothing to have to think about while school is starting up again and taking up all of my brain!

And I went to Laneways today, sober, and without really knowing any of the bands except for Courtney Barnett who I wanted to see. I was determined to not get hungry (although I think I have mentioned I don’t so much these days?) So I packed a yummy lunch, check it out below. I had to tell the guy at the gate that I had Coeliacs to be let I¬†with my food but he was super fine about it so that was good!

photo 4 (3)
Chicken poppers, Baby spinach, Boiled eggs, Hummus, Falafels, Cherry tomatoes and (naughty raw) Carrots

It was so good hanging with my grrl Yas and her man Matt. It def helps to know people who know people – we didn’t have to line up for the loos – we just borrowed their friends backstage pass and ducked through to clean portaloos, I actually stood a metre away from Courtney Barnett – but was too chicken to tell her it was a great show – what a dick ha ha. It was a chilled day of people watching, sitting in spots and watching the world go by, soaking up the sun and sounds and bumping into randoms from my present and my past. Such a nice way to end the holidays! But of course now I’m home and trying to work out getting to school by eight am to do everything I need to and I need to go to bed (yawn). Catch you soon, have a good week at work y’all!

photo 2 (13)

Day 24 – emergency lunchbox success!

Today we went to Waiheke¬†Island to walk the Headlands Sculpture trail and I panicked about food. The boys were easy – sandwiches and muesli bars and fruit – but we needed to food shop and weren’t planning on doing so until after we got back from the Island – so none of my usuals were in the fridge – I couldn’t cook myself something quickly. ¬†Or could I?

Quite proud of this one – GF,SF, DF (and everything else free) Falafels!

photo 1 (12)¬†photo 3 (7)¬†photo 2 (12)Success! All I had to do was add water, fry in avocado oil and bing bang falafels! Throw in some cherry tomatoes (because I refuse to give them up), a boiled egg and hummus for dipping and we were away. And it was perfect – They kept me full all day; something to remember for packed lunches. I always buy a box thinking we can have a ‘meat free’ night but I know the lads aren’t keen so they sit there – this is a much better way to eat them.

Trying not to think about what was actually in them instead of all the stuff they took out – but in the absence of being able to eat raw veges and fruit I am ok with them for now.

And in updates of how I am feeling/doing with the whole ‘eating to heal’ thing. Well – I am not craving junk anymore – which is great – and my willpower feels really strong in terms of not actually feeling any desire to eat sugary treats or cheesey things when they are offered. I definitely don’t feel all ‘poor me I am missing out’ like I was, and today I even said to the grumpy Dutchman that I hadn’t predicted there’d be a day when him buying me a bottle of sparkling water (for the fizz) while they all had ice-creams still felt like a treat and it the spot! funny!

I tend to still wander to the fridge randomly but I open it now and think ‘am I bored or hungry?’ and mostly I’m bored – I am amazed at how long I can go now between meals without being hungry. I feel like I’m re-setting back to my ‘natural’ eating state; instead of being driven by a low or high from sugar.

The funny thing is that I have to figure out other ways to celebrate small victories or even silly things like getting to go to the stupidmarket by myself – quiet time for mummy – normally I would get me a little treat and eat it in the car on the way home but there is nothing I can have. After a day like today, with a particularly hard session of boot camp in the morning, then stomping up and down hills in the hot sun all day I would normally ‘reward’ myself for my hard work with a glass of wine (or 3) and I have been trying to think of other ways – and all I feel like doing is crawling in to bed because my legs ache! ha ha. Is this what getting old¬†feels¬†like?

All the books say to replace food treats/rewards with ‘time’. Whether it be reading a book, going for a walk, a yoga session, the point is to nourish your spirit instead of your stomach to replace the emotional crutch. Or some shit. But if you are already ‘time poor’ in terms of alone time (what parent of kids that still live at home ever get ‘alone time’?!) What can you do?

I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Day 23 – buying books and getting inspired

I have friends who¬†read. Of course – reading is the coolest thing you can do and it is a requirement that you read if you want to be my friend. Take note. And my very cool friends recommend great books to me and sometimes I have the energy to actually act upon those recommendations and get the book and read it. During term time this ability to locate said book, and then actually find time and the energy to read it reduces dramatically. But it’s the beginning of the year and I am feeling optimistic.

Claire has her own blog – she is a super star who not only is DP of a high school, is a member of many and varied education related committees and groups and travels regularly to speak to folks for these groups, has great personal style and tattoos and has been in Your Home and Garden because her house is cool (OMG), and she is raising two choice ass gals who read – phew! I am missing things out I know. But you get the picture – she is a busy, whirlwind of a woman and I get tired just looking at her. I have been enjoying her blog posts recently particularly because she is exploring the themes of mindfulness and balance in an increasingly connected and busy world. Anyway read her blog. I bought these two books on Amazon today and am going to read them. I am excited.

81dd-z-OZPL._SL1500_       GIRLBOSS

Food wise today was pretty ave, I got stuck for lunch and had a salad with chicken and a boiled egg – and no sore tummy from the raw greens so that’s good news – means I can probably start to incorporate the odd salad in to my meal plans.

Also I got this book, I kinda cringe at the ‘Paleo’ thing because I am not following a Paleo diet – but it is a good thing for me that it is a way of life for so many people now because it is essentially GF, DF and SF as well as being alcohol etc free. I have to still be careful with the odd high FODMAP thing in the recipes but I have had a flick through and the recipes look YUM. Meatloaf anyone? Ha ha.


Day 22 – Sites I look at for good recipes, Facebook pages I follow and various

I feel better today thank goodness. I didn’t get out of bed for Yoga this morning but that was vanity – my hair still looked good from my appointment yesterday and I didn’t want to get it all hot and mussed up ha ha – Yoga tonight though to make up for it.

Nothing to report food wise – I had a good day – no glutening – no starving moments because I remembered to pack snacks AND I went out for lunch with my HOD to a place I know I can eat at. OOh! I forgot – I tried my first Kombucha tea. It was yummy. BUT I didn’t like the snotty little piece of ‘mother’ (maybe?) floating around in it – was a bit gross – but I get the impression that it was meant to have been strained a wee bit more carefully because Katy’s didn’t have any snotty bits.

Today I got my first email from I Quit Sugar; my week one shopping list, meal plan and recipes and all the other stuff you need to set up. Had a happy twenty minutes printing everything off and binding it and sorting out clear-files РI do like a little play with stationary. The recipes look good and varied Рand all can be adapted to not have gluten and dairy Рalthough I might have to find substitutes for the salads etc for the first wee bit, until I start to re-introduce raw food.

Anyway – even if you are not doing the 8 week plan the website is a mine of information for recipes, low fructose/high fructose info and she has a couple of e-books with recipes etc that aren’t going to break the bank. Here is the link;

and here are some other pages I have saved or sites I look at occasionally;

My Facebook feed is so full of stuff about food now I am almost getting food fatigue! The coeliac disease group is great – I can be in the stupidmarket and ask about an ingredient and one of the members will have answered me within minutes! It’s great. And it’s good to know that other people out there are struggling with this stuff – it’s not just me! I thought I was really special needs when I started to list off the things that I would be avoiding in order to heal thyself, but there are a lot of people who have coeliacs like me and and other things as well. It’s really supportive – and it means less whinging to my friends and family! So lucky you guys ūüėČ

This grrl seems really cool – she has a blog (way more fancy than mine!) and has lots of great info on it – I can only aspire to be as ‘bloggy cool’ as her.

Anyways… I’m off to sort out my shopping for the week, and to see if I can wrangle the GD in to cooking dinner while I go to the mall…

Day 21 – I got glutened I think. Sad face.

I feel terrible. Lying on the couch because I can’t sleep, all of me aches and when I stand up I feel nauseous. My head hurts and I am craving Pasta bad. Which you would think didn’t work because of the nausea. But somehow it’s all I want.

I didn’t plan to get glutened obvs. The day started really well – great session at boot camp – hard but good. Intervals of various exercises, 30, 20 and 10 reps with a run to progressively further away speed bumps. Was very good and I feel like I’m in the swing of things…¬†Then cooked brekkie because I’m not starting the day with a sweet fix remember?

THEN, I was starving after my first appt for the day so I stopped at Kokako to get a …. smoothie. I know right? but I fucked up and didn’t pack snacks. so. And it was fine – I got a Kale Kickstarter and it was good – I asked for them to sub out the apple and put water in it and it was yum. Then I got caught up in work and left too late to get food on the way to getting my hair did, so I grabbed, dun dun dun…. another fucking smoothie. From the place right next door to the salon, Craft Kitchen, where they are all lovely and everything is either paleo or dairy free or both or just gluten free and they know their stuff.

I drank it while I waited to get my roots done, and felt fine. For about 20 minutes. Then waves of warm nausea started coming over me. I honestly thought I might have to get up and puke. They receded but my stomach was in knots, and I started feeling more and more ‘heavy’. Red face (natch) and nervous that I’m going to throw up on the lovely woman doing my hair (she really was lovely and showed me her extensions so I could see how you couldn’t see them when she tied her hair up).

When I stood up to leave, the nausea hit me again, and so I went back to Craft Kitchen to ask about the coconut cream in my smoothie. It was the only thing I could think of that might have had some added ingredients. The rest was coconut water and fruit so it couldn’t be that? The guy was really cool, he looked up the added preservative and it came back as xantham gum – which he knew was GF, so it seemed fine. SO what the fuck man.

I don’t know what has made me feel like shit. But every time I think about the coconut cream I feel BAD and that’s usually a good sign of what is making me feel gross. So I’m going back to bed. I will be drinking lots of water, and checking out what the coeliac pages I follow have to say¬†about detoxing after being glutened.