Day three, Yoga, grumpy and accidentally starving myself – not a great day

Started the day off with another Hot Yoga session, I woke up starving so broke my own new rule about fruit and had a banana before I went – unfortunately a sign of the day to come. The class was meant to be ‘Hot Focus’ and be an hour long; I thought I’d try something different to what I knew, but Bruce forgot he was teaching that one and just did a Bikram session anyway! My legs were aching from last time and I was def tired by the end. It doesn’t do much for ones self-esteem when you are surrounded by tall, lithe, ponsnobby types who all look fab in a sports bra and teeny tiny shorts. They bend like young saplings and you’d hardly know they were in the heat at all! I thought I’d join the club this time and went in a pair of running shorts but they were all wrong. Flapped around my legs and caught in horrible places – I was sure I was flashing folks my nether regions when I bent over for the hamstring stretches. It really is remarkable how much shorter and ‘solid’ I am than anyone else in these classes. Not good for a PMS’ing mamabear!

I was STARVING by the time I got home, so went into full brunch mode – I made a favourite savoury combo that I had seen on Nadia Lim’s Facebook page; sparrowgrass, poached eggs, smoked salmon and I added some of my fave avocado/tomato/basil combo. YUM YUM YUM. Recommend this one to all.

The lads were set on going fishing but while they were getting ready I was so tired from yoga that I crawled back into bed! Out like a light until Master 7 came in to show me some minecraft map upload that he wanted me to sort out for him.

photo (11)

Fishing took longer than I anticipated and I had not planned and brought any food with me. The littlest lad was getting tired and bored so I used him as an excuse and offered to walk back to where we had parked the car thinking I could get some food on the way. Man. That was when I realised I was starving AGAIN and had nothing on me. I couldn’t think about what to get to eat – not dairy so no cheese or milk, no nuts or chips and was running out of ideas. I stopped at the Seamart thinking I might be able to get smoked fish or something but it was too late in the day, and it all looked manky. Next I tried a Dairy and I ended up buying a can of ‘chop chop chicken’ in smoked flavour. For FIVE bucks!

I had second thoughts about the gluten-free-ness and general happiness of the chicken in the can – didn’t sound very nourishing when I thought about it closer…. So basically I starved. And it sucked. We didn’t get home until four thirty and I had eaten last at eleven and I was grumpy and head-achey and tired. I randomly grazed on stuff, including a ‘healthy gf’ biscuit that shouldn’t have been included for its sugar content, and now I am grumpy and tired and disappointed in myself.

Lesson learned. Must prepare myself better when I go out – and I must do some research on snacks I can carry that aren’t nuts, crackers, fruit or dairy. Fuck that’s hard. A grrl can only eat so many boiled eggs 😉

What I did get today – quality time with the family. Watching the GD and Master 7 bond over fishing, hanging with the littlest lad as we walked. Not to mention day sleeping! I LOVE nana naps in the holidays – I never used to be able to sleep during the day but that all changed once I had kids ha ha.

SHould go now and help with dinner tonight – we are BBQ’ing – The GD got a new BBQ and so far we have eaten off it each night and it is the best! Don’t you love summer BBQ’s? Tonight we are having lamb chops, chicken, wedges for the lads and various steamed veg.

Plan for tomorrow – go through all my helpful recipe sites and do some prep for the week. Snacks and emergency supplies for those days when I get caught out – a grrl should never be left Hangry – not safe for those around her!

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