Day 13, Road trippin’, fat shaming bitchin’ and sugaaaaaaaaaar cravin’

So today I discovered the horrible, completely lacking in empathy or tact, Katie Hopkins. I hadn’t heard of her – apparently I am the only person – and my sis-in-law Suzy sent me the link to her ‘Big Fat Story’ (or some shit) to watch because she thought I’d be interested in this monster of a woman. I was having some major eating-because-I’m-bored issues – because there wasn’t anything I could eat in the house basically without the effort of cooking or similar – so I decided to distract myself watching the two episodes. The photo is courtesy of Kris – who was trying to get my disgusted face – apparently I was exclaiming out loud at how horrible she is. Basically her beef is that ‘all fat people are disgusting’ and are just too lazy to get off their arses and stop eating so much and if they did they would all be thin. Easy peasy. And to ‘prove it’ she decides to put on 4 stone (24 kilos) over the course of three months and ‘get fat’ so that she can then spend the next three months losing it by moving and eating less. And along the way she goes to visit fat people and fat activists to shout at them and tell them that they don’t deserve to exist. Of course she starts off underweight. She is so skinny that some people/family tell her they worry that she is borderline anorexic. This is a woman with serious control issues around food – which with the help of a psychologist, she admits might have something to do with her Epilepsy and lack of control over that. I wanted to like her by the end. She made a couple of breakthroughs about control and emotional over-eating. But I just couldn’t like her. As she got skinner again she got bitchier, her walls went back up and she went back to being awful. She wanted the whole world to conform to her ideal aesthetic standard of what was right and good and ok. She projected all of her up-tightness and awfulness about food onto those around her and was so fucking mean. GRRRRRRRR.

IMG_0191 photo (19)

It was a good reminder to me that my ‘year of health’ isn’t in fact about weight loss (although I am going to be interested to see if my weight changes at all) but more about HEALTH. Healing my gut, getting my iron etc up and my coeliac antibodies down. Working on my immune system to support a healthier gut. Halleluyah.

The sugar cravings are still there but I managed to not stop and buy ALL the nectarines at the fruit shop. I am getting the body aches now – legs tonight – and I remember this from last time so I’m not worried. I walked around a lot today to try to stretch them out. I am quite proud of my navigation skills – I took myself to Sumner (outside of Christchurch) without a Map!

photo 1 (8)

and I found my way back to the house for lunch – and then I repeated the map-less experiment and got into town right where I needed to be to visit the Christchurch museum. Totes proud of myself y’all. I wandered around, talking to myself – as you do, ‘oh let’s go and have a look at that giraffe!’ I exclaimed excitedly to myself – scaring the shit out of the little old man I was walking behind. And I took a lot of touristy photos. And….. I know I promised to stop buying things darling but I found the PERFECT denim shirt. And I have been looking for one for, like, three years! So. Sorry babe.

photo 3 (5)     photo 2 (8)

Anyways, home tomorrow night! The phone calls from my little men are coming more frequently now – Master 7 rang me tonight to say A. that he was sunburned and B. that he was watching Family guy. Both things he knew would worry me because A. SUNBLOCK and B. Family guy is not ok for little men. The grumpy Dutchman got on the line – at my request – and assured me that the little man was just stirring but I think it’s time for me to go home to see for myself!

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