Day 23 – buying books and getting inspired

I have friends who read. Of course – reading is the coolest thing you can do and it is a requirement that you read if you want to be my friend. Take note. And my very cool friends recommend great books to me and sometimes I have the energy to actually act upon those recommendations and get the book and read it. During term time this ability to locate said book, and then actually find time and the energy to read it reduces dramatically. But it’s the beginning of the year and I am feeling optimistic.

Claire has her own blog – she is a super star who not only is DP of a high school, is a member of many and varied education related committees and groups and travels regularly to speak to folks for these groups, has great personal style and tattoos and has been in Your Home and Garden because her house is cool (OMG), and she is raising two choice ass gals who read – phew! I am missing things out I know. But you get the picture – she is a busy, whirlwind of a woman and I get tired just looking at her. I have been enjoying her blog posts recently particularly because she is exploring the themes of mindfulness and balance in an increasingly connected and busy world. Anyway read her blog. I bought these two books on Amazon today and am going to read them. I am excited.

81dd-z-OZPL._SL1500_       GIRLBOSS

Food wise today was pretty ave, I got stuck for lunch and had a salad with chicken and a boiled egg – and no sore tummy from the raw greens so that’s good news – means I can probably start to incorporate the odd salad in to my meal plans.

Also I got this book, I kinda cringe at the ‘Paleo’ thing because I am not following a Paleo diet – but it is a good thing for me that it is a way of life for so many people now because it is essentially GF, DF and SF as well as being alcohol etc free. I have to still be careful with the odd high FODMAP thing in the recipes but I have had a flick through and the recipes look YUM. Meatloaf anyone? Ha ha.


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