Day 30 – Hangry mamabear

Working again is threatening to fuck with my Zen. I am not at home in the afternoon/early evening when I get hungry and then of course because I’m starving I lose all motivation to cook a meal – I just want to eat.

Case in point; Finished work today a little before five. Rushed to collect smallest child because we needed to go and get Arty (our dog) from the vet. Got home to collect the other two lads and of course the GD was playing drums and not ready to go so I was mad. Hangry mad. Honk Honk shouty shout.

I had dinner planned, and the chicken defrosted but was so over the though of cooking and by that stage my stomach was threatening to crawl out of my throat to go foraging on its own. We couldn’t get a park at the mexican, all other takeaways were out because of my dietary restrictions so we ended up with McDonalds for the lads and I had a smoothie when we got home.

Dinner fail.

Chicken for dinner tomorrow night! Must make more of an effort to plan ahead now that I’m back to fulltime hours after the hols…

In other news – I’ve nearly made it a whole month with all my restrictions and I already feel better! Although Hayley may take some time to come to terms with the fact that I won’t be having a glass of wine with her this year – you should have seen her face when I told her at breakfast today – but we can just keep meeting for yummy breakfasts instead ha ha

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