Day 34 – Molly came home


I thought Mollycat was missing because she didn’t come last night and then wasn’t here this morning. I was very worried about my girl – she NEVER misses a meal – she is very like her mother. But luckily when I came home after work and called her the neighbour heard her stuck in the garage and we let her out quicksmart. She was starving poor girl and thirsty. After our initial cuddle she is fine. And now she is sitting on the couch refusing to acknowledge me and purring to herself. Back to normal. Phew.

Today has been weird – it’s like because IQS says this is the week I give up fruit all together I want it more – even though I wasn’t eating much of it at all because it’s all mostly no-go for me. But I am missing smoothies. I had poached eggs and bacon this morning which I know sounds sweet but it’s too hot for cooked brekkies you know?

Our office at work is bloody hot, and no aircon, I am melting…. It’s 9.40pm and I am still overheated…. I need a spa or a pool. And a pool boy…. To take care of the pool of course!

So today I am mainly grumpy, hungry for stuff I can’t have so eating out of boredom, mean to the boys because I had to get the oldest childs school books all covered in duraseal for his first day tomorrow. Duraseal sucks sweaty balls. But I have my technique down now – you need a ruler. Now I have a crick in my neck and it’s way past my bedtime – boot camp in the morning!

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