Day 37 – To sleep, perchance to dream


Day one of using the fitbit. I got it so I could record my sleep patterns to see exactly how much sleep I was getting –  to see if it’s an area I can improve on somehow – or if it will just improve with the improved diet and approach (yoga and mindfulness and shit). You know, for my health. More sleep = less stress.

If you can decipher the screenshot above you’ll see that I was in bed from 10pm until 5.30 the next morning. And that’s 7.5 hours. BUT I actually slept for 4.5 hours. That is fuck. all. time. Apparently the rest of the time I was restless or awake. Now I don’t by any means think this is an exact science but it was interesting nonetheless, and could explain the utter exhaustion I seem to have been afflicted with today. I even had a Nana nap this afternoon. Accidentally. (Don’t worry neither child was neglected; one was glued to minecraft and the other one was asleep himself).

I was laughing with the GD that I can’t be very rock and roll these days if my idea of a ‘binge’ is eating two nectarines and feeling guilty about it afterwards! It was not very long ago (37 days to be exact) that a food ‘binge’ when I was tired or pre-menstrual would have involved a whole block of Whittakers eaten over the course of the day, or a half a bottle of wine before dinner or better yet wine and cheese for dinner…. ah the two main food groups. Wine and cheese. Mmmmmm.

The fitbit is an interesting experiment though – walked 9,935 steps today – not bad for a first day but considering how much time I sat on my ass, at the movies and in the car, I reckon a day at work will be more. I was a bit put out to see that my heart rate was only elevated for 9 minutes of Bootcamp, but I guess some of the stuff isn’t cardio so much. Anyway for now it in inspiring me to move – convinced the family to go for a walk to the video store because I wanted to up my steps ha ha – and hopefully I won’t lose interest too soon.

I need to do a good recipe post soon, will have a look through my favourites and get back to y’all.

Sweet dreams ❤

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