Day 53 – just eat real food or #JERF (apparently)

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Today I woke up with a hangover. Which I consider HIGHLY unfair considering I haven’t had a drink in 53 days. Hen’s night soda water hangover? yeah right. More like just nana-pants-not-coping with her late night. Or maybe I had an allergic reaction to the stripper; Did you know that the grumpy Dutchman used to be allergic to strippers? It’s true. He had to leave his own stag do lap dance to go and throw up, and he used to either be violently ill or fall asleep almost immediately at the mention of them. You’ll be reassured to know that, through a series of small exposures, gradually building up his immunity, and with the support of some very close friends, he is now back to ‘normal’ and can tolerate strippers with the same drunken enthusiasm as the rest of the lads. Phew! Could have been worse.

Anywaaaaay, I woke up with a hangover and was super grumpy about it, because that sucks, so I piled the lads in the car and we headed up the hill for a visit to the grandies. I left the GD at home to clean because A. He is bad at tolerating road trips with two (fighting) lads B. he has more enthusiasm for vacuuming and C. duh cleaning sucks.

Before I left, feeling exceptionally pious in my alcohol free state, I sucked back a green smoothie that I made up (just combined all the good bits I know). It was delicious and filling, here is the recipe;

  • 1 cup coconut water (no added sugar stuff)
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • half an avocado
  • 1 frozen banana chopped
  • a great big handful of greens – kale/spinach/rocket whateves bro
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla powder
  • one tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 tblsp of protein powder – I have done it with and without – when I added it I wasn’t hungry again until lunchtime – without it I needed to eat again after a couple of hours…. up to you – I have mixed feelings about protein powder as I have said before…

Blitz it and pour – this will give you more than one full glass but not enough for two full glasses. I give the half leftover to whomever is nagging the loudest and they all seem to like it!

We visited my grandies, then I took the lads to see my Mum and stepdad. They live on a big property where Mum has an enormous garden full of fruit and veg and they have chooks and get ‘happy eggs’ in exchange for giving them food and (quite luxurious by chicken standards) lodgings – Chooketeria‘s and all.

The boys love visiting, equally because Mum has an iPad which they can play on AND they get to feed the chooks and collect the eggs, and search for frogs in the ponds and harvest various veges from the garden that they will refuse to eat later. Today we got a big pile of veg from mum to bring home – half to give away – and the rest for us to eat.

It is interesting, when I explain to folks what I am not eating – they always ask the same thing ‘well, what CAN you eat?’ as in what the hell is left? And I always answer the same thing. Meat, eggs, most veges and bits and pieces here and there. There is actually a lot left. Especially when you add in rice, quinoa, some fruit, nut butters, veges purees etc. And I explain, that even before I was diagnosed, the GD and I pretty much did from scratch in our cooking so it wasn’t a biggie.

Part of the reason people who go GF gain weight is because the GF alternatives to ‘normal’ food are loaded up with sugar and salt to mask the lack of delicious gluten. Hence me avoiding them as much as I can. Mostly they don’t taste as good as the real thing anyway so I’d rather not bother to be honest. You are much better off just eliminating the stuff with the gluten altogether, don’t look for replacements, but explore all the other food there is left. Most people only have a few recipes they cook, a few food sources they go to and a routine bunch of ingredients they use. We were like that too – we cooked from fresh, but we used the stuff we knew. And I was a pretty conservative eater – I only tried butter chicken in my early twenties! ha ha. But now I’m up for anything. Really. Because I never know when I might be un-locking a whole new ingredient to be using in my limited diet – I can’t pass it up. I love food and most days I feel pretty satisfied. (Of course I have days when I could murder the family for eating ginger kisses in front of me but I find that ranting unintelligibly at them and then sulking for a while works just fine to help the feelings pass).

And, I really like that the lads get to see where their food comes from. They have made the connection now between the chickens that they have held and fed and the chicken they eat for dinner. They collect the eggs and they pick the courgettes and tomatoes etc themselves. They haven’t had much face to face contact with bigger cattles beasts but they ‘get’ that the cute pig and piglets at the easter show will one day be bacon, and they know where beef and milk comes from. And they can make their own decisions about eating them. We try to have the discussions.

So today’s ‘food from scratch’. My friend Joe was here on his last day before heading back to Korea, and he had a real hangover so I made homemade chips out of kumara, carrots and potatoes (with a hint of paprika thanks Alissa for the tip) and they were delicious! Hit all the spots. I made dinner with the GIANT yellow marrow we got from mum today, stuffed with mince and a quinoa/rice mix – it was also delicious although I am the only one who ate the marrow because the boys suck. It was soft and tender and not at all weird. True.

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And now I just have to get my gear ready for boot camp tomorrow morning before I finally give in to the nagging and watch the first episode of Breaking Bad with the grumpy Dutchman – I know it’s weird that I haven’t watched any of it yet but it has always been on too late for me! I know.

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