Day 56 – The lurgy has got me

Selfie with Gavin Hipkins' 'Romance: Vienna (Octopus) #artlife #aucklandartgallery #nzphotographer
Selfie with Gavin Hipkins’ ‘Romance: Vienna (Octopus) #artlife #aucklandartgallery #nzphotographer

I have spent the better part of the evening lying in bed feeling achey, body aches, head aches, hungry but not – you know the drill. The grumpy Dutchman has spent the better part of the evening feeding the kids, trying and failing to keep the lads away from me (Mum why are you lying down? Mum can I cuddle you? Mum why don’t you like me lying on you? Mum what’s this? CRASH). He cooked me a dinner because they were having pizza, and all the while sorting out his recordsĀ for the upcoming wedding this weekend. It turns out he will be off DJing while I am the only sober one at the wedding too – yay.

I ate a lot of raw food today – we were on a class trip to the Galleries and I didn’t want to carry a lunchbox all over town – so we got Mexican at my suggestion. So far so good. No sore tummy from the raw food. Although, actually, while I think about it – I didn’t ask what the chicken was cooked in, and the body aches kicked in about an hour later. Damnit. It was probably coated in flour before cooking. It was delicious but I should have checked. Fuck it.

There you have it! I knew this blog would be good for me – working stuff out while I write it. Must try harder – I am usually too careful to gluten myself.

But – in a sort of not way – it’s good that I haven’t got a bug because we are going to this wedding on Saturday and I wanna wear my Miss Crabb dress ha ha

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