Day 58 – Making pictures. Or not.


Friday thank goodness. And, unusually, I have a life. Friends of mine have a band, The Blue Roses, and I went to watch them play at the Thirsty. Late night for me! And tomorrow the wedding! Excitement. I will be a zombie on Monday.

A little bird told my friend that I used to do a bit of informal gig photography, and that I was pretty good, and so she hinted that I might like to shoot her gig because she’d feel comfy with me taking photos. So I grabbed a DSLR camera from work and took it along to see what I could do with it.

I have to say I didn’t like it. I used to shoot film on a little instamatic camera, with a flash. Also I was wasted a lot. This meant that the photos were always a pretty even split combination of skill and luck AND I had the balls to get right up in the face of the people I wanted to shoot and didn’t care if I blinded them with the flash (which I did a lot because I liked the effect). I wasn’t ever all about shooting the band – more the crowd – and I was way too aware of myself tonight. I took a couple of good photos but I gave up pretty early on. I think I need to dig out my little instamatic camera and some rolls of film. And find my metaphoric balls.

It made a decision for me though – I am not taking the camera to the wedding tomorrow because;

  1. I don’t want to be taking photos I want to be enjoying the day.
  2. They will have a professional photographer with mega gear and talent on site.
  3. the digi won’t fit in my gold brocade clutch so that settles that!

Fuck me it’s midnight and I have to get up for BC tomorrow – I’m out!


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