Day 59 – Nice day for a wedding

photo 1 (22)

What a beautiful day for a wedding.  The bride was stunning, there was loving family and friends, fondly remembered dearly departed and lots of good touchy feeling warm fuzzy stuff all round. A lovely day had by all.

It also included a very drunk grumpy, then not so grumpy Dutchman. A meal (for me) that consisted of green beans and chicken (I knew there wouldn’t be anything GF so I pre-loaded – don’t worry about me ha ha), and 3 litres of bottled water.

I am home now on the couch with two very grateful fur-children, I left the GD there – there was no removing him – he has been looking forward to this event for years. He started getting excited about Wednesday last week; getting tense and manically obnoxiously happy and working on his playlist. I came home from getting my hair did this morning (nothing fancy just getting rid of me grey) to find him already drinking on the back deck at 10:30am. He just got more excited (drunk) from then on really. At one point I sent him for a walk to settle down – it worked – he came back and gave a really lovely speech and got all teary the big sop.

When I left him he was declaring his undying love for me, in between asking if I was mad, and I was getting increasingly mad with him because he wouldn’t get out of the car and let me go home to sleep! Waaaaaaay past my sober bedtime.

I wonder what time he’ll get home tonight? I won’t notice – I am off to bed now!

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