Day 72 – Vaginal weightlifting

Did you know vaginal weightlifting was a thing? Neither did I. Huh. But according to Buzzfeed – that wonderful source of all things interesting and completely useless at the same time – it is a thing. The video is hilarious. Google it. Don’t worry – you don’t actually see any vaginas.

Anyways, It is a me-and-my-littlest-lad date night because the GD and Master 7 are on a class trip. We are watching Tom and Jerry and had pizza for dinner. He had a delicious cheesey Pepperoni one and I had a GF, cheese-less one. Not really mind-blowing but at least it had anchovies – mmmmmmmm. Salty fish goodness.

The four-year old is usually WAY asleep by now but he’s not. This might have something to do with the easter bunny that I let him ‘choose’ for dessert, and then eat. I was impressed that when it got too much he put the leftover – about half – in the fridge. He’s only four and he has better will power than me.

Another friday, another weekend thank goodness. I need to get in some quality kitten cuddle time – and lying around doing nothing time.

Go check out that video – might be the next fitness craze! ha ha

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