Day 73 – withdrawing or sick?

Rule number one of living with small boys – there will always be piss on the seat when you sit down. Especially if you are half asleep or it is night-time. It’s gotten so they don’t even hold it themselves now when they wee – they just poke it out the top of their shorts and aim. And they are weirded out by my ‘drama’ over the wet seat. ‘Mum why don’t you just wipe it before you sit down?!”.                               Child I think you are missing the point.

Maybe I’m just grumpy because I’m sick. Well, at least I think I am sick. Theres a chance I am withdrawing all over again from my indulgences on our weekend away. Whatever it is, I have a sore throat, a headache and am achey all over. Still. It didn’t go away overnight with sleep as these things are meant to do and I admit to having been a grumpy mockingbirdgrrl today.

I did manage to catch up with friends, but I was so wiped out after that I retreated to bed to try to sleep. This proved impossible with the lads obsessively trying to get to the kitten who was curled up in the sanctuary of my arm. But I did get to be horizontal for a few hours which was nice.

I’m craving sugar, wine, coffee – anything that would normally perk me up and I’m doing ok at holding out so far. I didn’t go and get stone fruit to ‘take the edge off’ which I normally do, and the decaf/almond milk flat white I got from the local market was burned so I didn’t drink that either. I am just going to have to ride this one out. Exercise will help so I’m gonna take the dog for a run tomorrow morning.

I’m out. Take care y’all xx

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