Day 79 – ice cream headaches

Ice cream. I missed it. I spent the day at Polyfest watching people eat these amazing looking creations of ice cream piled high on watermelons bowls, with chocolate sauce and wafers….. (drooling).


So when I dished the last of the french vanilla ice cream up for master 7 I had a small bowl myself. No guilt remember? And I am trying to have no guilt but it is hard. I have decided to treat this like an experiment to see how I do with the dairy and sugar. And so I am trying to be ‘in’ my body seeing if I can detect any noticeable effect.

So far I feel sick. So that worked. Not ready to re-introduce dairy then. Good to know. No more ice cream for me – and I know the sugar was a bad idea for my tum too. Good to have this reinforced anyway.

Polyfest was great – I totally recommend it if you can get there tomorrow – I am going out to watch our Maori and Niuean groups. It is SO good to see the girls performing, they have worked so hard and had very little sleep for the last 8 weeks, I am a very proud Dean (I have nothing to do with the groups – the Teachers in charge work SO hard and I think sleep even less that the girls!).

The food all looked and smelled amazing – dumplings, fry bread – if you are not special needs like me it is worth going just for the food!

Mmmmm fry bread.

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