Day 85 – Owwwwwwwwwwww!


Travelling Squat Jumps. Those three little words represent nearly two full days of agony on my behalf. I can’t sit down or stand up again without groaning and grabbing something – anything – for support. I quietly said ‘ow, ow, ow’ for every step I took up and down the hill today at work. And did I mention that my school is built on a hill?

Travelling squat jumps. 5 pressups and then 5 travelling squat jumps. All the way in that direction and all the way back again. Have you done these before?

You throw yourself forward as far as you can, using your arms for momentum. Then. You. Land. In a squat position and let yourself sink in to it (this helps with your balance too). Then you throw yourself forward as far as you can. Using your arms for momentum. Then. You. Land. And sink in to a squat position. And so on. Until Nicole says you can stop. And you feel good. Really good because it’s quite exhilarating even though it gives you Jelly legs.

But then, a couple of hours later, you notice the stiffness setting in. Uh oh.

And I woke up this morning and couldn’t move. Normally I would take the dog for a run when I’m all stiff and sore – because you know that cardio and ‘loosening up’ the muscles is actually the only way to shake off the pain. But it was raining and I was on a go slow this morning so I let my legs atrophy.

I hobbled around School today like a little old lady with terrible arthritis. I held on to the banisters as I walked up and down the stairs and I sank slowly in to my seat every time letting out an old lady ‘ooooph’ as I planted my ass. I felt sorry for myself but also knew I had to keep moving otherwise I would be more fucked.

Now I am going to crawl to bed because I have boot camp again tomorrow morning and I can ‘run it off’ there.

If I survive the night that is. Owwwwwww!


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