91 – It’s a beautiful day I guess for a bitch to roll with Andre I guess

Things I am mindful of;

  1. Driving through west auckland listening to Kendrick Lamar loud, with the windows open. Spot the (old) white girl. But I feel like a bad ass in my leather vest and hoodie and beaten up old mum car. Ha ha.
  2. The sunshine on the first day of April – it’s hard to believe that Autumn is right around the corner.
  3. The sugar cravings are STRONG with this one.
  4. I am self harming with food and I am not sure I have the willpower to stop right now.
  5. Easter is not helping this.
  6. One day of school left.
  7. The mindfulness course is REALLY good. I am getting a lot out of it.
  8. It’s way past my bedtime.
  9. I need to wash my hair.
  10. ‘Bitch don’t kill my vibe’ is the perfect cruising around the streets song.


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