110 – Looooooooong day

So you will be pleased to know that I survived Monday. And I taught ALL day and actually had something teach! I wrote three assessments yesterday in a panic and they were there with me when I arrived late to school.

Did I tell you about my morning? I went to Boot camp which was great as per. When I got back the grumpy Dutchman was VERY grumpy. Our lovely dog had left a great big stinking ‘deposit’ on the carpet. AND the toilet was blocked. And because we don’t have artificial light in the bathroom (only a skylight) at the moment the toilet had been used on top of the blocking.  The poor GD was up to his elbows in brown stuff. One of our evil children had stuffed a plastic cup in the loo. The same evil child announced to his daycare teachers ‘I PISSED in the shower!’ when he arrived this morning…. Not a great reflection of our parenting.

I was all prepared to give my students their new assessment today but they had done that thing where the whole lot of them (year 12 and 13 in my shared class) ‘forgot’ that their first assessment (from Term one) as due at the end of the holidays. So they spent the lesson rushing about trying to hand their work in and I didn’t have to start the new assessment at all!

I remarked to my HOD how TIRED I was by the end of the day – it is ridiculous how that works – you get two weeks to rest and recuperate but you only seem to start to recalibrate and slow down just in time to go back to work – and then you are fucked. And today I stayed at school until 9.30pm

This was because I volunteered to be a helper at the I Quit Sugar event in Auckland with Sarah Wilson – which just so happened to be being held at our school auditorium. Great huh? I only signed up because my friend Claire suggested it – and we didn’t want to pay for tickets – and I am really glad we did.

It was great to meet like-minded people – some very keen and star struck but most just really interested in what Sarah Wilson would have to say. We stuffed goodie bags, set up tables, and Claire and I woman-ed the doors for opening, we then helped changed tables over for dessert and book signing, then handed out goodie bags as people left. We helped clean up, grabbed our own goodie bags (and leftover treats) and left just as Sarah was signing the last few books. A great night was had by all I think. I don’t know if I would have paid for it – I guess I have read enough now that I don’t feel like I was being told anything I don’t know, and I tend to pick and choose from each ‘eating philosophy’ to suit my damaged guts needs, but it was a good reminder for me of why I cut sugar in the first place – and good motivation to get back on track. Here are some pics from tonight;

IMG_1047    IMG_1044         IMG_1055    IMG_1054         IMG_1052    IMG_1051

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