119 – I’m back in yay!

I took my laptop to the IT peeps this morning and they unlocked it for me. This is not before they slut-shamed me (in the true, original sense of the word – slut meaning filthy and slovenly) for the state of my laptop. I can’t be the only one who ‘snacks’ while they cruise the interwebs can I? But they were SO right – it was disgusting! Food stains all over it. The only thing I can truly say I haven’t ever dropped on my laptop is wine (who wastes wine?). Which led me to thinking…

A lot of my late night food consumption is done in a glazed state, one hand getting RSI on the laptop – the other popping grapes, or apple or crackers in my mouth on auto as I ‘work’. I don’t even really taste the food. And of course when I haven’t savoured it and want more! (N.B in other non-dry years the other hand would have been clutching a wine glass – but I still never spilled it on my laptop!).

Not no more I say. After vigorously scrubbing the keyboard and screen of my laptop. After carefully getting in between all the gaps of the keys and the edges of the twiddly bits. After drying it off and remembering how pretty it can be when it is clean, I have resolved to not ever eat when using it again. No more unconscious snacking and more honouring the lease I agreed to in the first place where I said I wouldn’t eat while using it or something.

Also the 7 year old is once again banned from using it. The WHOLE reason I had to change my password in the first place (which I actually did right by the way – it was a weird glitch that locked me out so there) is because the grumpy Dutchman told him the password. After being told off for the last time he told him the password! Grrrr. So I have changed it and I’m not telling anyone.

So. No more unconscious laptop eating. Piece of cake.

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