124 – little lad love

Master 7 ‘You’re not allowed to kick someone in the balls at school.’
Me ‘Well it’s very dangerous, balls are important – if you’re kicked too hard you might not be able to make babies as a grown up.’
Master 7 ‘But boys don’t make babies?!?’
Me ‘Boys have half the ingredients.’
Master 7 ‘What, Love?’
Me ‘Yes darling love.’ (awww my boy is so sweet).
Master 7 ‘GROSS I am going to hit myself in the balls 100 times so I never fall in love’.

I had a good time with my kids this weekend. WE had a good time as a family. We had a good time with family and friends. The above exchange about balls was had after waiting two hours in A&M for the doctor to look at Master 7’s hand. It is swollen up like a balloon. He says he has a splinter but the Doc wasn’t so sure. No pain, no fever and a hefty dose of antibiotics later and we are ‘watching it’ to see what happens. The GD is on buying probiotics duty tomorrow for his little tummy.

I had a lovely time with Master 7 waiting at the clinic. There were other folks there in way more distress than us so we just chatted and giggled over photos on my phone and generally had a lovely time, Just me and my big lad.

I also got some quality time with my youngest – we headed up the hill to see my Nana and his grandies – he wanted to play with the puppy (and his Nana’s ipad) and because my car stereo is broken we were forced to talk to each-other.  He is of course the child that never stops talking so I let him do most of the work. And then ALL the way home from Mum’s to our house he hummed the saxophone bit in ‘Tell me where the freaks at’ in a monotone non-stop. Constantly. Without pause. My knuckles were white when I got home. It’s a 45 minute trip.

We had a lovely weekend. We hung out with friends at the park, we had brunch with the elder-dutchies, we hung out with my grandies and my folks. The grumpy Dutchman made TWO different types of soup – with minimal instruction and he was inordinately proud of himself. The pea and ham is delicious. My chicken and kale is better (he forgot the kale for starters ha ha).

The plan for the week is to start again, re-set, but mean it this time.

IMG_1242    IMG_1203         IMG_1212    IMG_1220

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