127 – Last night of the mindfulness course


Tonight we spent a happy twenty minutes sitting on the floor, ripping images out of magazines with a view to making a picture out of them. I figured out pretty early on that the picture was meant to be an image of our mental state – like a ‘real life’ pinterest board. A mood board before the interwebs. It was harmless fun.

This is my picture. I tore out WAY more pictures but then went with minimalism. I tore out way more photos of pies. But in the end went with outdoor views and life goals. We were required to find words, and that bit felt awkward. But it was ok in the end. I brought it home and the GD promptly made fun of it. Predictable.

So, in a nutshell;

  • Outdoor scenes – I want to own a house on the coast. So I can spend my downtime time on the beach no matter what time of the day or the season.
  • Sunrise – because that’s the best time of the day.
  • Stolen Girlfriends club ring – jewellery goals.
  • Sweet sound – my car stereo is working sort of. It is still slightly too loud, but I can play my phone through it again – yay!
  • The young woman – Hair and Skin goals. Yes…. I know it’s photoshopped…
  • The accidental rebel girl – not me, I like rules – but the rock and roll girls that I always wanted to grow up to be. Joan Jett, Courtney Love, Frida Kahlo you get the picture.

And that was it. We held up our pictures and talked about them – everyone had very noble stuff on theirs (mine was the only one who mentioned shopping or physical appearance because clearly I am the most shallow in the group) we filled out our feedback sheets and we moved on! It is very late, I am going to bed so I can get up for my sunrise run. Fitness goals.

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