136 – Camping in the lounge

The grumpy Dutchman has gone to a gig tonight. With bands and alcohol and grown up conversation and everything. He’ll probably go deaf from the loud music and spend more than the strict budget I gave him. He’ll drink beer and come home way later than I’ve been out in aaaaaaaages. I am trying really hard not be jealous.

I, on the other hand, am lying on the floor of the lounge right now, on a layer of duvets and mink blankets with all the pillows in the house under my head, two small boys on either side. We are camping in the lounge tonight. We are watching the worst movie in the world. Shark girl and Lava boy or some shit. And I am sulking because I want to watch Big Hero 6 and I got outvoted two to one.

Tonight, because the GD was going out and I wanted a treat too, we had wok express for dinner. We get them because the delivery guy is cute and the meals are GF-able. And they are yummy. Now I feel kinda bleurgh, because takeaways do that, and my bum is already numbing off from the floor – but the lads are happy.

I tried on a suit last night for the Ball (teacher chaperone) and have found a winner – but the stretch across my – ahem, strong – thighs is good motivation to kick the sugar between now and the Ball!

Now, I need to stop tapping so the wee lads start to nod off and I can watch my movie choice. And not feel envious of the GD at all. It’s not like I miss having a social life or anything….

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