143 – Rainy day bliss

Last week felt like I hit the ground running on Monday and it just kept getting faster. There was many a moment where I wanted to just ‘pause’ the world and go and have a nap. You know that feeling. Also a week without any added sugar (I’ll tackle fruit next week) had left me tired and lacking in resilience. Little stuff at work got way bigger in my head, I was grumpy with the kids, big stuff at work was just SO bad and I had no wine to console me. I ate a lot of grapes (self harming with fruit). I needed the world to stop for a day and make no demands on me.

And that came in the form of rain. Yay for fucking rain man.

Me and the lads stayed home ALL day. We didn’t get out of our pyjamas (well to be completely honest I did get dressed for an hour when I shot out to boot camp but I came straight home to my jammies). We ate comfort food and the lads played Lego and I did nothing. And I felt no guilt because that’s what I needed to do.

I figured I can shower and see Nana tomorrow. I am also looking forward to the gluten-free and allergy show with one of my best biatches. So today I did a couple of loads of washing, I made corn fritters for the lads, I watched Whip it and got all emotional b’cos apparently roller derby does that to me. I watched the lads play LEGO and let the littlest lad fall asleep on my lap (which we haven’t done in months). The GD worked (poor him) in the afternoon, so I played the good wife and made comfort food for dinner – mashed potatoes are the perfect food for rainy days. I cut my fringe – sober – which is a new thing I’m trying this year, and painted my nails. Damn it was a good day!

IMG_0467         IMG_0469

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