154 – Ten good things for hump day


Trying not to dwell on feeling like shit and let too many days go by between posts so here goes ten good things off the top of my head;

  1. Listening to rain in the middle of the night with the mini Dutchmen on either side of me in the bed all snuggled up.
  2. You know how I took those impulse boots back? Well, the pain of releasing them back in the wild was somewhat eased by a pair of (way cheaper) brand new Chaos and Harmony boots off Trademe. YUM.
  3. I manage to write and present my report on the PD course I did at my meeting after school today and the P didn’t say it was a complete waste of time. Tick!
  4. Portishead and Papier Mache in the classroom today.
  5. Last night Master Four split his forehead open on the DVD cabinet playing silly buggers in the lounge. There was a lot of blood. But he was super excited to have his head glued back together at the A&E and gagging to go to school today to show off his war wounds. The kid is a resilient little motherfucker (Mummy got over her heart attack by about lunchtime today).
  6. I figured out which pants I am going to wear to the ball. Tres important.
  7. Fur-babies snuggled up by the heater.
  8. Two days left until Saturday.
  9. Nana had a good day and Mum sent me a pic of her cute new haircut.
  10. Clean sheets and freshly washed hair.

Peace out bitches.

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