163 – red red wine

Finishing a hard week at work with your legs in the air while a stranger chats with you about the weather; elbows deep in your lady parts and asking whether you are planning to have any more children because the ‘equipment stills looks good!’ is not, ladies and gentlemen, very rock and roll. But it is necessary to stay healthy so we put up with the awkward-ness in order to know we don’t have cancer.

Nevertheless you do kinda feel like someone should buy you a big glass of wine afterwards. Actually – send me over the bottle.

I admit to driving home having a serious conversation with myself about my resolution to not drink for the year in order to help my gut heal. I had a lot of questions for myself. If I could eat sugar/dairy/have coffee – what was the difference? That’s a good question I told myself. What is the difference?

I don’t know. But I do know that I’m stubborn. I know that this has become a point of pride – and I’ve told a bunch of folks that I’ll have a drink with them next year…


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