170 – Grey area

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The biggest trend for Hair in 2015? ‘Granny chic’. That’s right. Beautiful young women all around the world are purposefully bleaching their hair out and then having it dyed all shades of slate/silver/grey/pewter – sometimes tinted with lilac or palest pink or baby blue. But mostly Grey. And I LOVE it.

I think it looks AMAZING.

This trend mocks me. It laughs at me and my years of home dye jobs. I have been dying my hair various shades – but mostly black – since I was 12 years old. Ironically I have been going grey since I was about 12 years old. My brother is completely salt and pepper and he is two years younger than me.

Going grey has never bothered me before. I have never felt old because of it – it started happening before I even knew what ‘old’ felt like and dying my hair has been no problem because I was born with dead straight mousey brown hair. My natural hair seems to work better for someone called ‘Cathy’ who works in a library and wears a lot of brown. Not that I have anything against Librarians. Don’t get me wrong. But if you want to be friends with me you will never call me Cathy.  At least not more than once.

I dye my hair blue black. I’m caught in the trap. I went to a hairdresser once and asked them about bleaching my hair out – I thought I’d try platinum blonde you know? Bring out my inner Marilyn? (Of course I’d have to find some boobs as well to really channel Marilyn but whatever). They took a hair sample to see. It melted.

I could never bleach and dye my hair grey (it would have to be instant because I have no patience) because my hair would MELT. And you know what? It’s cool to have beautiful long grey/lilac tinted hair when you are in your early twenties and your skin is smooth and clear and your youth makes it obvious that your hair colour is a CHOICE. But when you have two kids, and more ‘laugh lines’ than ever and are on the other side of 30…

So I dye my hair blue black every 6-8 weeks or so. I admire the beautiful grey haired beauties of the interwebs from afar. And I try to pretend that I am not 3 years and 19 days away from 40.

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