207 – Baking soda and Coconut oil

It has been five days since my last post – I blame the first week of school and low iron – I think I might be just a slack bum. I haven’t made it past 9pm any night this last week. Some days I’m asleep before my children.

Today I have the energy to blog. Mostly because I have been at home all day tending to a sick child. He – like most children once you have established they are sick – has not behaved like a sick child at all today. But as I was home anyway and his issue was earache I just kept him inside and tried to drug him with the TV to keep him docile. As he’s currently natural history obsessed it wasn’t so bad. Dinosaurs are kinda cool – and they make me feel young so there’s a bonus.

You know how much you get DONE when you are at home on a school day? HEAPS and HEAPS. These are all the things I have done today;

  • I washed and folded all of the washing except for the giant mink blanket that can’t really fit in the machine. I have mentioned the ‘laundry couch’ before – you won’t be surprised to hear that I still have a load in the drier and I have been doing laundry since 9am.
  • I vacuumed the house. Twice. You can’t even tell. We have asshole dark carpet and it shows every. single. little. crumb. As my children still live here and have been here today the floor looks dirty again.
  • I food shopped.
  • I made dinner – at lunchtime – beef casserole. And it was delicious btw.
  • Because I was home, my eldest child was able to walk home from school – it was REALLY NICE to be here when he got home to hang out with him.
  • I dyed my hair. No I’m not a natural Blue Black – I know it’s a shock. These days I am more a natural white/grey. I have yet to ‘edit’ the white hairs out of my right eyebrow – I am hoping it’ll grow through to be ‘distinguished’ like white bits in men’s beards are. Probs not because damned double standards.
  • I painted my nails – both ends. Red for the toes and purple for the fingers.
  • I thought about shaving my legs and then though ‘nah’. It’s winter people.

And I tried this thing that I have read about to dry to deal with my whole face peeling off thing that happens. I washed my face with Baking soda. And it felt weird. And Tasted weird. But it didn’t sting and I didn’t get a rash and it didn’t get worse. Which is always a good start!

I followed it up with coconut oil. All over my head. I recently saw the school nurse about my hands. All of the skin on my hands peels off, it gets cracked and sore and looks bad. The GD thought it might be chilblains so I asked Erin at school – she said it was eczema! Said she gets it too and it looked pretty straightforward – that I should get my GP to refer me to a dermatologist. And she suggested that I try coconut oil on my head to stop it all falling off. This may all sound like ‘duh’ to you but every doctor I have showed my skin too has asked me what I am allergic to and suggested I stop eating yet another thing. The concept that it might be something actually treatable with an actual cause is quite exciting to me.

So I am sitting here with my head like an oil slick and the house relatively tidy and I feel like I achieved something today. I have wondered all day what it might be like to not work and to be the homemaker. I’d probably have better skin.

But I’d be bored as batshit.

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