208 – the verdict

I have to say – my hair is softer and less frizzy, my face feels good and didn’t start peeling off today until about…. now. I am pleased! I showered last night and washed the oil off my head – now that felt really good – I was beginning to feel like a deep fat fryer. I Baking soda’d my face at the same time and then when I jumped out slicked a teeny tiny bit of coconut oil on my face to take off the edge.

I woke up expecting to have my usual frizzy hair and dry patchy face but not so bad! I had that ‘bed hair’ look that I’ve always liked, no really insane dry frizz though and my skin looked like a normal persons. Amazeballs. I am a convert.

In other news, my lovely workmate brought my b’day gift in and I am now the very lucky owner of a new colouring book – for my mindful downtime yo – check it out down below. Something for me to do instead of candy crush ha ha.

She also bought me a sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy free, all natural flavours with NO artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives ‘salted caramel’ flavoured chocolate bar. She loves me really – it was thoughtful because she knows I’m a foodtard. It tasted like cancer. No other words suffice. Sorry.


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