241 Things are looking up

I have no real anything to write about but am trying to get back in to a rhythm so let’s give it a go; After a hard-core week of catching up with stuff at work, trying to wrangle teenage grrls and feeling like a GIANT whale thanks to some bloody pills my bloody useless doctor gave me – I am actually feeling pretty good.

We were down to sometimes none and mostly one child for most of the weekend. It was quite good to have time to clean the house and the mental space to be able to read a book but I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t make the most of it. Saturday was GREY. I always hate grey days. The bleakness of the sky. The ‘meh’ of mother nature. And it’s all glarey and reflecty in my eyes and I have to squint. Bleh.

Unfortunately I am not the only one affected by the grey skies. The Grumpy Dutchman outdid himself. The oldest child was at his friends house getting screen stoned on minecraft and the youngest was having his first only-child-sleepover at Oma and Opas and I was stuck at home with the grumpiest Dutchman you can imagine. So we sulked in adjoining rooms. I read a book. He listened to records. At one point we slept on the couch – not talking or touching – each with a cat on our chest. And I spent the day feeling like a fucking whale.

Which I have isolated to one thing. My useless doctor gave me a pill to take to ‘help’ with my PMT. (Which I am not convinced is not just me being old and tired and it being winter). It’s called Premula and is meant to be all natural and hippy-approved. Well. I asked about side effects – none said he. I said really? Not believing him because no womb no opinion. Well, said he, you might have a few PMT-y type symptoms for the first few weeks but they’ll settle down. Noone gets them though you’ll be fine.

Hang on a second. One of the side effects of the pill I am taking to stop PMT symptoms might be that I have PMT symptoms for the first few weeks?

And how. For the last few weeks I have been feeling progressively more ‘pregnanty’. For the men – the three or so of you who read this occasionally – this means sore boobs, swollen belly and vaguely and randomly horny. But I assure you it’s mostly sore and fat. It was getting so bad that even my tent dresses weren’t making me feel good – just like I had escaped off a camp ground.

Obviously I stopped taking them and am waiting for the ‘side effects’ to start wearing off. I’ll just have to go back to being a normal bitch once a month.

In other news – NACHOS are the best comfort food for this weather. We have had them two nights in a row because they are popular with little children – no visible veges you see – and I like mine spiceky. Also free veges are the best veges. We went up to Mums place and loaded up from her garden this afternoon – it is really good to have the little lads in the garden picking the food – it meant that the oldest was way keener to have carrot in his homemade sushi because they came out of Nana’s gardens and he had helped pick them!

Anyway, it was a good weekend in the end, I got to ride my bike, have a special lazy lie in this morning with my eldest boy playing computer games and reading and I’m having a GREAT hair day. So.

Have a great week peeps, I hope August was good to you – I for one am glad it will be over by Tuesday.

IMG_3293   IMG_3297         IMG_3310   IMG_3341

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