Well it’s official. It’s folio season so that means I am falling apart. Cracked skin all over my hands and forehead, red and raw scalp, dry itchy skin all over my body (this is apparently a coeliacs thing) and I’ve got that manic energy that comes with knowing that all the boards are due REALLY fucking soon and I may be the only thing standing between complete and utter abject failure and a scrape though pass for some of my girls.

I heard myself shout somewhat hysterically to my seniors yesterday ‘I seem to be the only one with any sense of urgency here – where is your passion girls?!?’ I sounded like SUCH an Art Teacher cliché. The other in the room thought it was hilarious – especially as I barely even got a raised eyebrow from the class. (They think I’m cool – no really they do).

I actually secretly, not so secretly, love this time of the year. Eventually (I hope) the panic sets in with the art kids and they start producing work non-stop and with that production comes new ideas and extension and the ‘aha!’ moments that are vital to finish them off successfully. That’s if these guys ever get to that point.

But it’s not good for my adrenalin levels blah blah as per Dr Libby and her sciencey stuff about hormones and stress and stuff. We are probs all in the constant flight/fight/panic mode at the moment as we lurch from student to student trying variously to inspire, cajole, motivate, scare, soothe and push in to getting their work finished. I should be focussing on my belly breathing, slow walks and green tea in the morning.

But instead today I caved and inhaled half a pack of mini Whittakers almond gold.

Sorry Dr Libby.


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