Ok I lost a day and I didn’t do Spin on Wednesday morning, I actually did it on Thursday. And you know, I didn’t die. It was bloody hard though. I expected it to be full of lithe, blonde, spinning queens, but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a room with three other women (8 bikes but not a full class) and they were to be expected;. there was muscly, superfit-never-misses-a-class never-actually-had-any-bodyfat-in-her-life 50-year-old, young blonde trying-out-this-fitness-thing and not really sure why she got up and when will it end, there was tattooed, mid 20’s, pink hair, big boobs, straight edge fitness grrl. Then there was me; sort of old, sort of tired, moderately tattooed (young tattooed girl didn’t like that) and barely keeping up. The instructor remembered me from three years ago when I used to go to their gym religiously and she was kind to me thank god.

30 minutes later I got off the bike shaky and dripping with sweat but it felt great and I am going back tomorrow! Ha ha. I may just die yet.

Today was the youngest childs last day of daycare. He is officially going to start Primary school on Monday. No more baby boy. I have all sorts of feelings about this.

I celebrated (?) by getting my very first ‘playsuit/jumpsuit’ thing. I have avoided onesies and grown up playsuits like the plague but this one spoke to me – maybe it’s the drop crotch and my aging-white-girl need to be down with the kids…. Anyways it’s huge and I love it – it’s like wearing my bed outside – and teamed with my birkies and lonely hearts bra it is the ultimate over-grown toggler look. #manrepeller

The GD took some not very flattering pics for me. Happy Friday everyone!


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