Happy New Year!

Good day, and good year to y’all.

We touched down on home ground yesterday, New Years day, and it’s important to say that travelling with the GD and the children when one has spent the night previous ‘welcoming’ in the New Year is just as much fun as it sounds.

I did not make it to midnight – I never do. And I am thankful that I got the sleep that I did because I did not feel good in the morning. Adulting fail.

The GD got two hours sleep. And that’s only because I let him sleep past the alarm and got up myself to start organising the fam. We needed to be on the motorway by 8am to be at the airport and the grumpy Dutchman opted to stay awake until nearly 5am with his brothers. I need to say however that he was remarkbly chipper all morning – perhaps still drunk.

Thank god for hot chips. They performed their miracle cure and by the time we were on the plane I was feeling like a human – just in time because the GD was hitting the wall.

Such a relief to be home. We had a wonderful holiday but I was starting to need my own space again. We flew out of beautiful dry heat into a wet cyclone of sorts – it’s still warm but windy and wet – and who needs more than that as a reason to stay home and do exactly nothing?

Me and my feminist Kanye tee shirt have stayed indoors all day today. On this, the second day of the year we decided that going out or doing anything might be a little too hard so we stayed home and unpacked and slept and played with Lego and watched shit TV. Bliss.

You know, apart from the cabin fever affected kids who have wrestled and fought and generally driven us crazy all day. The 5 year old in his wetsuit and the 8 year old wearing pre-teen attitude like armour.

I haven’t made any resolutions but I have thought a lot about what I want out of 2016. Stay tuned for a ‘planning’ post.




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