School holidays – what did I do to deserve this?

You know the joke ‘School holidays are when parents truly appreciate their child’s teacher’. Well colour me amused.

I have become a strong advocate for working through the school holidays. If only I could find someone willing to take my children. Summer school anyone?

I exaggerate of course. But there is no pretty way to describe two over-tired, over-excited, sick of the sight of each-other little dutchmen. We started out ok. I went to boot camp before either one woke up and then managed to come back have a nap! Magic. Granted it was one of those ‘one ear open’ naps where I needed to be somewhat cognisant of what the little angels were getting up to (and when I heard them plotting to make pancakes in my spotless kitchen with the chocolate coconut milk I did get up finally).

We started off slow, they pottered and I managed to read some of Dr Libby’s ‘Accidentally Overweight’ (It can’t be my fault right?) but increasingly as the day went on the wheels started to fall off.

I am now hiding on the bed listening to my youngest scream blue murder about going to bed early (a consequence of naughty behaviour previously) and it sounds very dramatic through the wall. The 8 year old has helpfuly decided to put a record on (so that he can really rub it in that he is still awake) and I can imagine he will be similarly heartbroken when I announce that he is off to bed in 3 minutes.

After I set off WWIII I may put my headphones in and try to read some more of Dr Libby’s book. I am deteremined to finish at least one of them!


Day 71 – Another book for my side table

download (8)

I got my confirmation email today for the Mindfulness course. I am to buy a book for writing in specifically for the course and the directive was to find something I love because it will be used to hold my inner thoughts blah blah. Ok – I LOVE buying stationary! As a young girl my pocket-money was spent in an even split on stationary and aniseed wheels. These days I’d say shoes win out mostly but I do love an excuse to go buy a beautiful blank book, positively vibrating with potential.

Of course that thing will probably happen where I open the first page ready to be profound and super articulate and my mind will go blank.

Also, I bought a book online called ‘The life-changing magic of Cleaning Up. The Japanese art of decluttering and Organising.’ by Marie Kondo. I keep buying books that I then don’t have time to read. I have quite a large pile next to the bed now. I am reminded of my students who when I ask if they have done their homework they’ll say ‘I’ve got the book!’ all indignantly but then admit that no, they haven’t actually read it. It’s like buying the book and keeping it by the bed shows willing, and actually that’s all I have the energy for right now.

But doesn’t that sound nice? ‘The life-changing magic of Cleaning up’. I wonder if I can get the children to read it.

Day 57 – new books in the mail!

photo (26)

My GAPS book arrived and my bedside ‘library’ is getting full! I need to get started on this lot quick smart. I am feeling in the need for some focus so I think I will start with the GAPS book, gut healing and psychology stuff, notice I got a GAPS cookbook to go with it? Always be prepared – like a good girl guide.

This week has felt long and there is still one day to go. I was still feeling the effects of being glutened today so my brain is foggy as and my body is still slow and achey. The mid-term blues are kicking in for my girls – the wonders of the fresh start and the new term are wearing off and I spent a lot of time doling out hugs and tissues today. My office mate has a theory that they the whole school ‘syncs up’ and they all get PMS-y at the same time. Cadbury should just bulk deliver at this time. They would make a fucking killing.

It’s been the kind of day where you just want to come home and curl up with a glass of wine and some ‘alone time’. I was gifted a Whittakers %70 dark and a coke zero today. It took every ounce of my willpower to not eat them right there and then and I am pleased to say that they are still in my office fridge – I am hoping I can re-gift them without offense. What has the world come to when I am giving away chocolate? It’s unnatural.

It is getting tougher to not just go for comfort food though. Harder to resist just one small flat white when I am shattered in the morning. I am so tired that I want to use food to prop me up but I know that it is mostly from being glutened and getting used to the term being full swing again. So SLEEP is in order. And finding some time to read and get my ass educated about GAPS.

So what I need is time then. Ha! Tell ‘er she’s dreamin.

Day 23 – buying books and getting inspired

I have friends who read. Of course – reading is the coolest thing you can do and it is a requirement that you read if you want to be my friend. Take note. And my very cool friends recommend great books to me and sometimes I have the energy to actually act upon those recommendations and get the book and read it. During term time this ability to locate said book, and then actually find time and the energy to read it reduces dramatically. But it’s the beginning of the year and I am feeling optimistic.

Claire has her own blog – she is a super star who not only is DP of a high school, is a member of many and varied education related committees and groups and travels regularly to speak to folks for these groups, has great personal style and tattoos and has been in Your Home and Garden because her house is cool (OMG), and she is raising two choice ass gals who read – phew! I am missing things out I know. But you get the picture – she is a busy, whirlwind of a woman and I get tired just looking at her. I have been enjoying her blog posts recently particularly because she is exploring the themes of mindfulness and balance in an increasingly connected and busy world. Anyway read her blog. I bought these two books on Amazon today and am going to read them. I am excited.

81dd-z-OZPL._SL1500_       GIRLBOSS

Food wise today was pretty ave, I got stuck for lunch and had a salad with chicken and a boiled egg – and no sore tummy from the raw greens so that’s good news – means I can probably start to incorporate the odd salad in to my meal plans.

Also I got this book, I kinda cringe at the ‘Paleo’ thing because I am not following a Paleo diet – but it is a good thing for me that it is a way of life for so many people now because it is essentially GF, DF and SF as well as being alcohol etc free. I have to still be careful with the odd high FODMAP thing in the recipes but I have had a flick through and the recipes look YUM. Meatloaf anyone? Ha ha.


Day eleven, sugar hangover and new food

Morning, I mean afternoon – no actually it’s the evening isn’t it? My head has been foggy today and I don’t know if it’s because I stayed up late (11pm shocking!) or I woke up late (7.30am – even more shocking!). I am not a late night gal nor am I a late riser and I am blaming this weird sleeping squarely on the sugar high I got from my delicious dessert last night. Also today I have smashed 2 nectarines and a whole bunch of strawberries so I guess the sugar cravings have kicked back in…. Back to square one and cold turkey on the fruit tomorrow.

Oh well my fault. We met one of my sisters mates for lunch today, she is good fun and the cafe we went to did the whole ‘we can make any meal GF’ for you thing which was great. They faltered a bit when I asked if that was coeliac safe (two different things believe me) but were very good with my ‘special needs’ ha ha. I ended up having poached eggs on their own GF bread, GF bacon and baby spinach which was delicious and kept me full (albeit I slipped some strawb’s in there) until dinner time.

The weather is not amazing today – raining on and off – grey skies – which always affects my mood – makes me irritable and snappy – and I get Monica-styles white girl afro too… s’not pretty or cute.

monica geller playing table tennis

In other news I have nearly finished another book – fuck I LOVE hours and hours of uninterrupted reading – I was such a geek when I was younger and unencumbered, I’d just read and read and read…. and (maybe) unrelated; I have bought my two little lads their ‘Mummies-been-away-and-didn’t-miss-you-at-all-but-I-still-love-you-really’ guilt presents and sent postcards, but there isn’t a lot of exercise going on… Yoga and boot camp will be ON when I get home. Damnit. NO remember – it’s good for my soul and stress and shit…. No really it is!

Kris made us delicious Larb Gai for dinner tonight and we ate it wrapped in lettuce leaves – must try this for other food – it was delicious and satisfying. She said it was super easy to make so I will be looking up versions of it when I get home to try with the lads and the GD. YUM. And also eating other stuff wrapped in lettuce leaves (although technically lettuce leaves are raw greens and I should be avoiding them – but no sore tummy yet from raw veges or chillies so fingers crossed!)

Three more days and I go home to my boys, I guess I do miss little lad cuddles in the morning – I even missed the GD today when I was mooching round the shops and found some records (but don’t tell him that!).