237 The walking wounded.

You remember my b’day? I turned ‘old’. One step closer to 40. Another year’s worth of grey hairs (my eyebrow!? Fuck that’s cold universe). All that stuff that comes with getting old. But I consoled myself with jewelry. And loving friends and family of course. But mostly jewelry because I’m super shallow and shiny things fill my happy basket.

Remember my ring? My happy happy iron pyrite Nick Von K ring that is all big and sparkly that I love?


I got an owie.

It turns out that it is so heavy that when I wear it on my pointy finger I am dragging the tendons across the bones and they are sore and achey. This I discovered when I tried to get out of bed and couldn’t raise myself on my left wrist. It continued when I got to boot camp and couldn’t do a press up. So I took myself to schools Physio and now it is all strapped up and I am ‘resting it’.


SO I guess I have to wear the ring on my other hand?

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